Campus Members

The 1776 campus is where revolutions begin. With over 125 startups within our community, our members range from significant startups—with millions of dollars in capital and revenue—to entrepreneurs with a big idea looking to get started. What binds them together is their passion for building something amazing.

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Founding Members

Each of the following companies played a pivotal role in helping the 1776 team develop the Campus concept and made commitments early in that process to become 1776 Campus Members.


Hinge is a matchmaking community that connects users through mutual friends and provides great local events for introductions. Every day at noon, Hinge users see a new batch of potential matches. Users can save their favorites, and Hinge makes the introduction whenever thereÍs mutual attraction. No need to worry about picking the right spot for a first date _ Hinge offers monthly mixers and parties for just that. Hinge is the best way to meet dates through your friends, both online and offline. is the first digital identity network that allows consumers to prove who they are online while controlling how their information is shared with brands. For participating organizations, acts as a trusted intermediary, capable of verifying consumer identity and group affiliations in real-time. This allows brands to ensure a consistent customer experience across offline and online channels while reducing costs associated with manual verification.

Social Tables

Social Tables is a cloud-based hospitality platform that makes organizing events easier at every step of the planning life cycle. From floor plan layouts to attendee check-in, users experience intuitive, beautiful design and industry professionals get practical technology to manage their events and connect with their target audience.

Campus Members

Brigade is a technology company founded in 2014 to tackle one of the last areas of our society nearly untouched by technology: civic engagement. Over the past 50 years, participation in democracy has continued to go down. People feel more powerless, disconnected, and disenfranchised by big interest groups, big money, and less representation at all levels of government. Brigade wants to reverse this trend, and make involvement easy, effective, and enjoyable—and in so doing, restore political power back to where it should be: the people.


10io products and services makes developing, deploying, and operating personal secure private cloud infrastructures and data centers simple and inexpensive. It is scalable and highly reliable IT infrastructure consisting of a custom-developed software fabric managing constellations of powerful but low-power CPUs, GPUs and storage devices. Access it as a non-virtualized, dedicated platform-as-a-service (PaaS), or house it in a rugged, self-contained, drop-shippable chassis that you can deploy-and-plug-in *anywhere*.


vibeffect is a retail solution that brings a new breed of tools and experiences directly to the family promising them a stronger foundation and better context for the college decision. Our entry point in the market is pre-teen to early high school. We are not an admissions coach or service, we are entirely focused on helping the family plan for completion with maximum positive results for their child. Our tools are dynamic and adaptive, providing families with better, more relevant framework through customized results and exposure to new data in real time. Our platform engages users, primarily the teen, in a series of exercises that combine entertainment with learning, and provoke conversation and exchange within the community of users. We do not tell students what choice to make, no college is listed. Instead, through recent national analysis we have created categories of campus eco-systems based understanding how different individuals experience them. Our Thriving Index will be published spring of 2014, and our beta launched in summer 2014. In addition to B2C we offer licensing and white-labeling for strategic partners, coming from the categories of financial, scholarship and the two largest assessment entities. (vibeffect is Another Solution by Simple Entry LLC). solves the problems applicants have with identifying, connecting with, and gaining admission to best-fit global universities while providing schools with an efficient and cost-effective way to identify, connect, and convert global applicants.

Aerospace Concepts

Aerospace Concepts is a systems engineering consultancy with expertise across the aerospace, information technology and telecommunications sectors. Our business focuses on the definition of major technology projects in large and small business and in government. We also have expertise in a number of specialists’ disciplines including space flight modelling and simulation and satellite communications.


The Agricity team is committed to building healthier, more sustainable, and more productive cities. Their first project, a pioneering organics collection service called Compost Cab, makes it easy for people and organizations to compost in the city. And thatÍs just the tip of the icebergƒ

Altitude, Inc.

Altitude uses Big Data and Cloud integration to create products and services that deliver a new approach to education at every level. Their goal is to put high-quality education in the hands of anyone that wants a world-class education.

American Story Channel

American Story Channel is an immersive multimedia entertainment company in the Digital Natives space. Architecting and building next generation innovative technology, fresh mobile-based content, exciting gamification, and hidden learning for ages 3-5. Mygica v.1.0, a proprietary story delivery engine, assures active user engagement. Through its sophisticated backend analytics it supports “Produce, Measure, Learn” feedback loop for high-quality product development on a sustained basis delivering what users appreciates most in 12 languages, via tablet computers, smart phones and other complimentary devices.


Young children are naturally curious about what goes on around them. AppTalia offers educational, multilingual apps that provide answers to kidsÍ questions about the world in which they live. Their next innovative learning platform will enable kids to browse and discover science facts in four categories: The Human Body, Plants & Animals, Earth & Science, and Chemistry & Physics.


Beyonic moves business beyond cash. Cash payments are insecure, high cost and inconvenient, and despite nearly 80% penetration of mobile phones and robust financial transaction networks in East Africa, current solutions to switch to mobile money are very high cost. Our Funds-To-Phones product is a low-cost solution to make, track and manage payments straight to established mobile money networks throughout East Africa. It's automated payroll for emerging markets.


Through their management software, BindFlow improves the visibility, accountability, and efficiency of your in-progress business data. In HR, Finance, Customer Service, IT and beyond, each process added to BindFlow is tracked and sent to the right people at the right time. By utilizing their powerful new approach, managers can easily track projects and rapidly deliver full-featured business solutions to their users.


Bitium helps companies manage web-based Apps like collaboration tools, CRMs, social networks, accounting programs, bug trackers, customer service dashboards, marketing tools, and other Software-as-a-Service.


BlissInvite has deconstructed the science of exchanging correspondence. We provide an end-to-end online solution that allows a person planning an event to mail personalized paper invitations with beautiful hand calligraphy from their computer directly to their guests.


Boojumly is a suite of web and mobile games that improves usersÍ eating behaviors and health.

BoomLaw, Inc.

BoomLaw's legal intelligence platform provides attorneys with access to the best and latest practice information. BoomLaw searches the web, filters out the noise, and delivers the highest quality practice information based on attorneys' unique practice area needs.


BrightRoll is the largest independent video advertising platform for reaching audiences across web, mobile and connected TV. The company powers digital video advertising for the world’s largest brands including 90 percent of the top 50 US advertisers and 170 of the top 20 advertising technology companies. The platform enables advertisers to reach 4 in 5 video viewers online and consistently ranks among the top two video ad platforms in ads served. As a result, BrightRoll technology collects and analyzes hundreds of billions of data points monthly enabling real-time decisions that drive ROI for advertisers.

Bubbl is an interest network and microblogging platform that enables users to share interactive messages and content exclusively within select interest groups, and then create newsfeeds of group-oriented announcements.

Campaign Greenhouse

Our goal is to make it easier to run for office. Designed for campaigns with small budgets, the Campaign Greenhouse provides online tools and resources, access to professional campaign advisors, and support for candidates, volunteers and staff all the way through the election and beyond.

Capitol Standard

Capitol Standard Magazine is the online destination for prominent and rising young professionals who set the standard in the consulting, tech, political, education, finance, entrepreneurial, and creative fields. We offer professional development resources, job postings, exclusive networking opportunities, and relevant share-worthy stories.


CAPSOOLE allows individuals to protect their digital being in case of emergency, without having to hand over potentially sensitive information to others.  


CareLuLu is the most convenient way for parents to find a daycare or preschool that fits their familyÍs needs. Parents avoid the hassle of searching through dozens of websites and find all the information needed on one platform. CareLuLu offers a criteria-based search and features detailed daycare profiles with real-world photos and verified reviews. CareLuLu is free and makes it easy to find the great childcare kids deserve! Created by parents for parents.

Cause IQ

Cause IQ is a website that provides intelligence on everything and everyone in the nonprofit sector. Cause IQ helps companies conduct market research, generate leads, and monitor their competition. Cause IQ's existing customer base ranges from Fortune 500 companies to venture-backed startups. Cause IQ combines powerful search and analysis tools with intel on over 250,000 organizations, 350,000 key personnel, 3,500 companies, and 100 types of products and services.


Cayzo is a securities-based crowdfunding platform that offers local-area startups an alternative to traditional angel investment or venture capital financing. By fully leveraging the power of online networking with the wisdom of a Crowd of diverse investors, Cayzo will provide a safe, secure environment for online investing.


Citizenhub provides mobile app developers with a Google Glass development platform that handles the entire mobile application process, indcluding: databasing, scheduling, editing, user management, analytics, geotagging/geofencing, and deployment. Citizenhub also focuses on creating their own mobile applications geared towards helping citizens improve their communities.


CoconutOrchard is a web platform to connect U.S. diasporas with startups and small businesses based on their shared community ties, nationality or country-of-origin.


CoinLab, the first venture-funded Bitcoin company, is a Bitcoin business incubator, which builds businesses that provide fundamental infrastructure for Bitcoin.  Partnerships with top-tier industry executives in the fields of hardware, finance, payments and insurance make CoinLab a global leader in revitalizing existing industries.


CollegeAppz is an online platform that provides high-school students with a user friendly, detail rich step-by-step through the US college admissions process. Early adopters are international and U.S. community groups, education companies, and schools that have limited resources to develop a powerful technology tool.


CollegeNode is a platform that connects international students who are interested in pursuing their education in the United States. We use a voice over IP technology to allow member to talk to each other face to face. We are also creating a database to allow users to give feedback to education service providers.


CollegeSnapps is a mobile communication and workflow management system designed to improve a studentÍs odds of completing college. Through the mobile application, students receive a series of live and prescribed mobile alerts and messages. Student responses are captured in real-time on a web-based dashboard that enables academic support professionals to address student problems before they become irreparable.


CommunityRED is a nonprofit delivering secure technology solutions to citizen reporters surviving the drug war in Mexico, behind the Great Digital Wall of China, and struggling for democracy in the Middle East.


Conveyal builds open source/open data technology for the transport sector.


CrowdTrust is an information verification service for crowdfunding platforms. UsersÍ data is stored with a unique ID in an information database that investors, donors, and platforms can access for free. By providing due diligence checks on crowdfunding issuers in the securities, donation, and rewards based crowdfunding markets, CrowdTrust offers users a trusted source for seeking funding.


CycloMend brings bicycle mechanics to you. We maintain a network of local, independent, mobile mechanics that work on your bike where you want, when you want. Not only do we help you find the right mechanic, we also streamline the scheduling process, handle payments, source parts and make sure you pay a fair price...all for about the same prices as a bike shop.

D. A. Mining, LLC

DC HUB for the SAFE network client applications access this network via some innovative steps including: Self encrypting data Access and create cryptographically secured id's on a decentralized PKI Self authentication Client applications can access, store, mutate and communicate on the network. The clients allow people to anonymously join the network and cannot prevent people joining. Data is presented to clients as virtual drives mounted on their machines, application data, internal to applications, communication data as well as dynamic data that is manipulated via client applications depending on the programming methods employed. Examples of client apps are; cloud storage, encrypted messaging, web sites, crypto wallets, document processing of any data provided by any program, distributed databases, research sharing of documents, research and ideas with IPR protection if required, document signing, contract signing, decentralized co-operative groups or companies, trading mechanisms and many others. The clients can access every Internet service known today and introduce many services currently not possible with a centralized architecture.


daapr is a social media platform specifically dedicated to the sharing and discovery of online content. daapr provides users with a highly-visual feed that aggregates all the content (i.e. links) shared by the people they are following on the site. At the same time, daapr allows users to share comfortably to an audience of followers who have expressed an explicit interest in what they are reading and watching.

Daily Deed

Daily Deed believes people want to make the world a better place, but are often lost in the maze of information online. By providing an interactive and personal platform that responds to user interaction, Daily Deed makes supporting the projects that matter to donors easy and fun! Users can manage their charitable contributions and organizations can connect with relevant donors.


DailyHealth is a digital healthcare media startup focused on improving health and wellness.  We deliver the best health news, articles, tips, recipes, and more from reputable, trusted sources straight to your inbox.  DailyHealth aims to educate and motivate you to make smarter, informed choices for a healthy and happy life.

Data Community DC

Data Community DC promotes data scientists, their work, and their businesses in the DC Metro area. We organize events around data visualization, data science, statistical programing, and data business. These events include introductory events, hackathons, workshops, conferences, and competitions all focused on data science. What can Data do for you?


DeafTV is a streaming video platform for people who are interested in learning and/or using sign language. There are and will be an accumulative demand for multi-access to centralized collections of sign-centric videos. Sign-centric videos are feasible and used in various settings such as, but not limited to, educational, entertainment, advocacy and newsworthy purposes.


Deconstruction is bringing the internet of things to construction sites to mange noise, vibration and weather changes. The Deconstruction platform delivers real time alerts, advice and predictions of noise and vibration levels. As a result, construction companies have the real data they need to work collaboratively with subcontractors, owners and stakeholders to maintain a productive construction sites but with reduced complaints, claims, bad press and lawsuits.

Degree Prospects

Degree Prospects manages a family of websites focused on post-secondary education. is a non-partisan social platform that seeks to connect candidates and elected officials with their supporters. We give every candidate in every election a free campaign website and every voter the ability to make a difference through quick online actions.


Managing foreign aid programs is hard. Software can't do everything, but it can make much of the everyday work easier: collaborating; tracking tasks and workflows; and most importantly, collecting, analyzing, and reporting data. DevResults is contributing to the development data revolution from the ground up — by building data into well-designed tools that make life easier for practitioners and managers in the field.  

Disrupt Fitness

Disrupt Fitness is a web platform for trainers and fitness professionals. We offer a one stop shopping experience for clients to search, review, and book appointments with trainers. For trainers we offer a web site platform, client marketing, access to training space, and a large amount of business resources.

Dorsata, Inc.

Dorsata is aiming to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of delivering care by providing a centralized platform for clinical pathway development and ultimately EHR implementation.  We are developing a system through which clinicians can collaboratively develop, discover, and implement their pathways into their day-to-day workflow of order entry.  In this manner, we believe we can bridge the gap between how doctors make clinical decisions and how those decisions map to structured data in the medical record.  It is our mission to transform clinical decision support from a reference to a work-flow improvement mechanism. 


DroneShield is the market leader in drone detection systems. The DroneShield system alerts facilities to the presence of drones through an enterprise-grade sensor network and alerting architecture that can integrate with existing security systems. DroneShield warns of threats to executive personnel, sensitive facilities, airports, and intellectual property and accelerates the apprehension and prosecution of violators through real-time warning and digital evidence.


EasyPaint is improving the experience of hiring a professional painter. Homeowners post information and photos about their paint projects, then registered companies bid on them online.


A funding platform for educators, Edbacker connects donors with schools to fund projects, events and ideas. By providing simple and transparent tools, Edbacker aims to revolutionize the way schools raise money. Through this transparency, donors can find specific outlets that are congruent with their own values and beliefs.

Education Technology Institute

We are a mission-driven organization focused entirely on helping organizations leverage technology to enhance business performance and the quality of teaching and learning practices. We work with education institutions, non-profits, education businesses, training organizations and industry investors.


FairWear is an online community and marketplace for certified ethically manufactured clothing where workers are paid fair wages and treated with respect and dignity.


Fanamana creates mobile live-action games that make fantasy sports more social, exciting, and accessible. Utilizing live data from sporting events, users generate content in the form of virtual games by making picks in real time. Fanamana Baseball is currently available in the iOS App Store.


Fanaticall powers online networks that broker high-value consulting and mentoring relationships through paid phone calls.

GangBox is a platform to compare anonymous peer-to-peer ratings of skills and attributes for individuals and companies in the construction industry. Gangbox offers job postings where users will rely on ratings rather than resumes to help them make informed decisions about applying and hiring. Contractors will compete for opportunities based on past performance and price rather than low bid alone. In all aspects of the industry, decision-making will be improved through access to valid actionable data.

Generation Opportunity

Generation Opportunity (GenOpp) is a free-thinking, liberty-loving, national organization of young people promoting the best of America: opportunity, creativity and freedom. Read more:

Ghost Note Media

Ghost Note Media is a digital communications agency based in Washington, DC. We are dedicated to using innovative ideas & developing new technology to create unique experiences for our clients and customers. Whether through strategy, design or development, our work is geared towards creating lasting bonds between people and brands.

Global Go

Global Go provides rapid deployment of personnel, supplies and materials to commercial entities, international organizations, the U.S Government and its contractors around the world. With personnel in 43 countries, Global Go supports clients with staffing, recruiting, transportation, maintenance, project management, recreation, housing, and procurement of goods and services.

Global Voice Hall

Global Voice Hall (GVH) is a web based social media platform that provides news and views on global issues affecting us all. Built to provide a live or virtual stage for open discussions, GVH sheds light on social, economic, political and environmental issues. The mission of Global Voice Hall is to broaden perspectives; creating global communication and understanding through its live events or original programming.


Golfswell is an innovate technology startup advancing the game of golf. The company is tackling the biggest problem facing the game today: the amount of time it takes to play. Every Shot Counts.

Good World

People want to do good, but doing good is not always easy. Good World makes it simple with a digital platform that provides a fully integrated online experience that makes giving easy, more fulfilling and addictively fun. By aggregating popular giving portals, offering end-to-end web and mobile tools to manage the entire donor process, connecting donors with social missions clos their heart, and enabling users to promote their favorite causes, Good World optimizes the donor experience.


James Madison once said, “A popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy; or, perhaps both.” Govlish is dedicated to preventing the farce and tragedy that Madison so feared. We aggregate, analyze, organize, and give access to more than 80,000 Federal and State government terms to help users navigate the government maze quickly, easily, and reliably. Google Index tells us there are 14 million searches every month to decipher the language of government. We have designed Govlish as their destination of choice.


Based on real-time user-generated event posts, Gravtate pinpoints hot spots of things to do in cities across the US. Launching as a mobile app, Gravtate is testing integration with a popular DC-based social events website as the prototype for a new map focused service.


GreaterPlaces is the Houzz for urban planning. Our company brings all aspects of community design under one digital roof. Users can upload, browse and interact with each other with examples of the best plans, policies and placemaking. Our focus on solutions supports our advertising platform that offers new ways to reach influencers and decision makers seeking innovative goods and services.


Handybook is the easiest way to get stuff done around the house. Within a couple of minutes, you can book a pre-approved cleaner or handyman for whatever time you like. All you have to do is tell us what you need to get done, where you live, and what time works for you, and we do the rest!


HaystaqDNA develops cutting-edge "big data" strategies and individual-level predictive analytics for  Fortune 500 companies, leading nonprofit innovators, and progressive candidates around the world. Their methods and technology have contributed to scores of electoral victories, including Barack Obama's landmark campaign for President, and now they bringing their expertise to the rest of the world.


Her Corner is a DC-based, but nationally expanding, resource exclusively for women business owners to collaborate with other women to help them grow their business. Her Corner provides professionally facilitated hyper-local and face-to-face forum networks for women entrepreneurs. Membership also includes city-wide business topic Speaker Series and two private member networks.

Hilltop Energy Partners

Hilltop Energy Partners' cost effective energy retrofit solutions help building owners lower electricity costs, increase revenues through tax incentives and power purchase agreements, and decrease risk through energy grid independence. Hilltop Energy Partners installs existing fuel cell technology to convert low cost natural gas to clean electricity on site and manages the electricity production and maintenance for the life of the unit.


It's time for work to be redefined. Launching late 2014.


Hitch! is a GPS and payments enabled fleet management tool for cabs and limos using the cloud and mobile/tablet technology.


HomeTrackR instantly delivers critical information about homes in an easy to understand report for less than $50. QuickLook reports can save buyers and agents time and money making offers on homes with a negative history of insurance claims and inaccurate permit & inspection records. Our report tool offers peace of mind for a fraction of the cost of a physical home inspection.


Honeycomb3D provides browser-based CAD modeling for 3D Printing.

Honor Tag

Remember. Respect. Retell. Honor Tag allows families to share the stories of fallen heroes from the Revolution to present day. Regardless where our troops served and died, Honor Tag memorializes their sacrifice and thanks them for their service.


Ignite is a mobile social network that changes the way you plan events with friends and public groups. It provides you with a feed of what all your friends or public groups would be up for and allows you to follow the ones that would be of interest to you as well as easily spark your own ideas and suggestions.

Imagine If, Inc.

Imagine If brings together consumers and businesses through a proprietary platform that combines high design to bridge search and e-commerce. Their focus is on mobile platforms, and they have already launched their first product in the online travel space.

Impact Hub

Impact Hub helps small and medium businesses understand socially-responsible outsourcing. We help our customers select a talented team in Africa and other locations to do content management, data entry and other web-based work.

In Every Language

In Every Language moves translation from a cost center to a profit driver. Effective translation increases your website's selling power by 6, and increases app downloads by over 120% on average. Effective translation also helps manufacturers, NGOs, and mission-based corporations communicate smarter and more effectively with markets internationally and domestically. Services are available in over 180 different languages.

InAffinity Networks LLC

InAffinity Networks works with targeted groups to assist entrepreneurs with capital formation and business development.

Infield Health

Infield Health's mobile platform, HealthySteps, sends a once-a-day reminder to help patients get better, faster.  And with videos, checklists, and follow-up care included, it's like having a personal health coach.  Because when patients get better, faster, everyone wins.


InfinitySquared is an advisory and coordination hub for multi-partner initiatives. We design and manage programs where businesses can partner with government and nonprofit entities on initiatives that deliver social and economic development simultaneously.


Inno Product Lab is a product design company. We design and develop innovative solutions to everyday problems. We are currently working on innovative and flexible packaging solutions designed to facilitate healthier eating habits.


Inteliscale is a cloud management platform that ensures high reliability, scalability and performance.


Interfolio is building the first professional social network for higher education. Today, the faculty, scholars and others who lead colleges and universities lack a strong platform to collaborate and to make the strategic decisions that drive their institutions. Unlike in the business world where collaboration solutions abound, these large, rich institutions struggle with huge inefficiencies and bureaucracy. Interfolio combines a consumer professional network with enterprise SaaS products that are transforming the higher education market.

International WELL Building Institute

The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) is a public benefit corporation whose mission is to improve human health and wellbeing through the built environment. We believe that buildings should be developed with humans at the center of design. To help realize this vision, the IWBI administers the WELL Building Standard®, which is an evidence-based system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring the performance of building features that impact health and wellbeing.

Ivy Standard

Ivy Standard is a company dedicated to offering innovative educational solutions for students of all ages. Our primary focus is on mobile application development with an eye towards preparing students for standardized testing through fun, engaging products. We have a user base of over a million users and, with our recent expansion into the iOS market, that number is growing rapidly.


Jokket is a local marketplace for freelancers and employers built on one simple trust score. Jokket takes capitalism in the freelance space to the next level, emphasizing trust to spur competition like never before. Our algorithm scores employers and freelancers in the community out of 100, taking into account reviews from both parties in order to minimize bias. By tracking discrepancies in ratings over time, we create one simple score that shows quality at a glance. When paired with real time bidding, contract creation, and direct payment gateways, Jokket helps employers maximize quality while minimizing cost, and allows freelancers to quickly find work with worthy employers. 


Kickball365 enables people to make friends and have fun through local kickball leagues and one of a kind tournament vacation experiences. Kickball365 is a Social Sports Company. Kickball365 offers Leagues in numerous cities across the country and the first-ever national professional championship series of kickball tournaments known as ñThe Circuitî.

Koverse, Inc.

Koverse, Inc, separates signal from noise for data-driven organizations. Delivering meaningful insights to your organization so you can increase effectiveness in every aspect of business. The Koverse platform consolidates the elements required for deriving actionable insight from data.


LaunchPad assists students with great technology and tools to better understand and develop their strengths, skills, and passions, tell a compelling story and build their brand, and construct effective networks to support them throughout their professional career. Students access what they need, when they need it and integrate the deep personal interaction required to supplement their education.  It effectively customizes the career and college selection process for each student and ensures they make decisions best for them.


LaunchPosse is a unique online platform that allows aspiring entrepreneurs to take a business idea and form a posse around it _ a posse of friends, family and business experts that can help gather industry insight, refine the business strategy, raise seed capital, and most importantly, provide a steady stream of encouragement.

Linked Senior

Linked Senior Inc., a resident engagement solution provider, helps senior care leaders improve the quality of life of their residents. By using technology to support programming & wellness the service opens communities to the world while helping management improve resident & family satisfaction, productivity and efficiencies.

Live It

Live It is a platform that enables gifting local experiences instead of products to encourage more meaningful gifting and more intentional living. We are starting with the university market to help students make the most of their time at college.

Local Patient

Local Patient is an innovative marketing software platform and lead generation program that provides medical practices with a proprietary, real-time ability to monitor the ongoing success and return on investment for all marketing programs. Developed initially for a dental practice, Local Patient is now expanding to the general medical industry.

Locus Social

Locus Social provides a real-time BI solution in your palm with Social Map. Social Map is a map service which can put you in touch with everything happening globally across all social networks in real-time. With real-time big data analytics, Social Map can deliver opportunistic revenue timely.


MediCoverage is an online health insurance brokerage where people can research, compare and purchase health insurance. Through their use of technology and targeting niche markets, they have become one of the leading insurance agencies in the nation.

Meridix Creative, Inc. makes it easy for any sports team to broadcast like the pros. Our platform allows teams to create live, ESPN-like webcasts, offering the same HD video, audio, stats, and social features that fans demand from professional sports teams. Simple production tools guide broadcasters every step of the way, and enhance quality by automatically generating overlays, transitions, graphics, and montages. No expensive equipment is needed, as we maximize the capabilities of off-the-shelf technology such as laptops, smartphones, and consumer-grade HD cameras. We also provide a library of high quality ads from national and local advertisers, which broadcasters can run during games whenever they desire to earn revenue. Fans can access content with the simplicity of large professional outlets such as Fans can share clips and highlights instantly on social networks, along with collectively curating notable plays and events.

Mezzobit Inc.

Mezzobit simplifies, manages and monitors data flows from our customers' websites and mobile apps -- like publishers and e-commerce sites -- to business partners like ad networks and analytics providers, achieving cost savings, decreased risk and increased agility. Our Trusted Data Interchange uses three levels of technology — tag management, server-to-server interfaces, and virtual tags — to replace dozens of customer tags with simplified data collection easily managed through a web portal. Mezzobit data protocols are set by an independent non-profit,, providing continuous compliance monitoring and customer reporting ensuring the highest levels of accountability and transparency. This creates the Internet's only socially responsible data interchange platform and a credible way to handle self-regulation. There are 30K companies globally in the market for data interchange services, with most outside the Global 2000. We offer free onramp products for long-tail SMB customers, with later services targeted to more sophisticated large enterprises.

MGNFY.IT makes it easy for you to support the causes you’re passionate about by making the process simple and effortless. We do this by enabling nonprofit organizations to create engaging mobile optimized donation portals, and more importantly, by providing nonprofit organizations with the tools they need to create seamless one-click donate email campaigns. We believe that these small changes, lead to big impacts!

Military Job Networks

Military Job Networks is reshaping how veterans and military service members are hired and develop careers in AmericaÍs available workforce. Through an online platform, Military Job Networks enables businesses to quickly be matched with verified Veterans while also providing community forums and an online resource directory to ensure successful employee onboarding, management, and development.

More Than Money Careers

More Than Money (MTM) Careers leverages e-learning and app technology to transform how universities help their students and graduates get clear, get connected, and get hired for well-paying internships and jobs in impact investing, environmental sustainability and social enterprises.


mosojo's appmodable platform distributes user customizations to installed apps via url. We are the only service that invites creative users to build and share custom in-app experiences after the app is released. We empower developers to deploy customizable and open mobile apps reimagined as a publishing opportunity for end users, where the experience is co-produced with the audience.

MPOWER Financing

MPOWER is the "LendingClub for financially underserved students at US colleges". The MPOWER P2P platform brings together alumni investors with student borrowers. MPOWER manages the alumni investment funds and disburses payments directly to the university on behalf of the students. These payments are applied to tuition or university-sponsored services like housing, meal plans, or health insurance.

Mpower Sports and Recreation

Mpower Sports and Recreation is an adaptive sports media network where journalists, photographers and filmmakers can tell the breathtaking stories of sport for individuals with disabilities. The mission of Mpower Sports and Recreation is to educate on and promote the limitless amount of activities that can be adapted to all abilities.

Narrative Science

Narrative Science is the leader in automated narrative generation for the enterprise. Powered by artificial intelligence, its Quill™ platform analyzes data from disparate sources, understands what is important, then automatically generates perfectly written narratives to convey meaning from the data for any intended consumer or business audience, at unlimited scale. It does what data visualizations cannot: it identifies and conveys relevant information in conversational language that people can immediately comprehend, trust and act on. Organizations rely on Narrative Science to better serve customers with useful written content and to increase efficiency, freeing employees to focus on high-productivity activities and innovation.


Netcito convenes professional round table meetings designed to build meaningful peer-to-peer connections between entrepreneurs. Members meet monthly to share challenges and ideas, hold one another accountable to goals, and share lessons learned through their own experiences.


Nettadonna is a Washington, D.C. area startup whose mission is to address technical sustainability challenges in the Machine to Machine (M2M) space. Our first product addresses the challenge of companies unintentionally sourcing electronic components that contain conflict minerals. We solve real problems facing real people.


NextPlay helps youth sports coaches run more efficient and effective tryouts so they can get back to doing what they do best: coaching. Our web & mobile platform lets coaches capture their athletes’ performance metrics (scores, distances and times) with their smartphones and tablets. No more clipboards. No more spreadsheets. Just greater accuracy and less hassle.

Open Cancer Network

Open Cancer Network is a big data analytics platform enabling identification of unusual patterns causing chronic diseases such as cancer. OCN platform enables collection of non-clinical data such as lifestyle, diet, lifetime exposures to toxins and stressors, and allows users to better understand their disease, to connect with clinical trials and sources of best available treatment. Using Big Data technologies, Open Cancer Network mines this dataset to identify patterns and correlations that may lead to advances in social epidemiology of cancer.


OptiMantra provides Practice Management platform for the Complementary and Integrative Medicine Practitioners (like Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, and Chiropractors, Nurse Practitioner and Primary care physicians). Our platform will extend beyond the traditional EMR (record focused) to an Integrated software solution, which will provide the practitioners with ability to engage their patients, will provide clinical intelligence for better reporting and analytics, and will provide tools to manage Group Health, preparing them to adopt and implement a complete patient centric care model.


With the upcoming ICD-10 deadline, provider organizations need an enhanced set of analytic tools to achieve revenue neutrality. Ordysy is building a Big Data solution that optimizes claim amounts and highlights the potential revenue-loss by migrating to ICD-10. Coupled with a mobile-based Analytics platform, Ordysy's CodeFlex solution will also help physicians identify the right ICD-10 codes and provide rich analytics to reduce readmissions and improve quality of care.

Origent Data Sciences, Inc.

Origent Data Sciences, Inc. is a predictive analytics company supporting drug discovery and the life sciences industry. Predictive modeling helps drug discovery companies manage their candidate portfolios, reduce costs and improve the success rates of their clinical trials. Origent’s software platform and services empower users to turn their data toward the future, developing statistical models to better understand and predict disease behavior for individual patients.

Ostendio, Inc.

Ostendio delivers affordable compliance solutions to small and medium businesses. Ostendio’s MyVirtualComplianceManager™ (MyvCM™) is a cloud based compliance management platform that delivers an easy to use, cost-effective way to improve their Information Security posture. MyvCM™ allows businesses to: assess risk; create and manage critical policies and procedures; educate and assess employees on their security awareness; and monitor continuous compliance against industry regulations.

Partfiniti Inc.

Partfiniti is a cloud based tool and market place for manufacturers, vendors and consumers of technical and industrial products. Our Bill of Materials(BOM) and Request for Quote (RFQ) tool makes the process of finding and pricing configurable products quick and easy. With billions of products listed the user can save many hours of searching for and pricing all the products needed for a project.


Pelonkey is an exclusive web portal where event professionals such as entertainers, artists, venues, public relations, event coordinators, photographers and more can apply for a free membership to buy and sell event services. Applicants are selected for membership based on experience, references, and web presence. Once an applicant is approved, they are given special benefits such as free legal advice, collection agency protection to protect their contracts, contract and invoicing services, merchant accounts, referral bonuses, opportunities for promotion, and more.  


PlateDate is an online personal chef service that uses fresh, locally grown produce. We make hiring a personal chef easy and fun! Whether it's a romantic dinner for two or a fun get-together with friends, Your Personal Chef Awaits at PlateDate!

PNT Holdings

The company is establishing a service providing game-changing improvements in GPS performance at virtually no incremental cost per new user.

Potomac Health Solutions, Inc

Potomac Health Solutions Inc. is a health technology development company based in the Washington DC area, combining expertise in space engineering and elite athletics to revolutionize daily monitoring applications.


PrepFactory provides high-quality standardized test preparation videos from the best instructors in America. For free. Test takers can watch videos online and, if needed, get personalized instruction from a competitive marketplace of user-rated tutors and application coaches available on-demand 24 hours a day. Our mission is to help the more than 4,000,000 people who take standardized tests annually study more effectively and efficiently in a way that fits their schedule and budget.


PXYM is a life-sciences startup, developing a bio-therapeutic platform to arrest and prevent chronic diseases. The company was co-founded by Dartmouth College professors and owns IP on the bio-therapeutic platform currently in the preclinical phase of development.


Quume is a cloud-based learning management app that makes it easy for working professionals to own their professional development and allows enterprise HR to educate, engage, and empower a 24/7 mobile workforce. The nature of work, learning, and career development is changing fast and Quume provides a lightweight, portable, and customizable platform built for all stages of the employee lifecycle.

Rebel Desk

Rebel Desk designs and sells treadmill desks and adjustable-height desks so you can rise up against the sitting culture. We are sitting more than ever (9 hours a day on average) and it is expanding our waistlines, dampening our moods, and shortening our lives. With Rebel Desk, you can walk slowly or stand while you work. Imagine feeling productive, healthy and energetic at your desk! The Rebel Desk is sleek, quiet, and loaded with functional and convenient features. At Rebel Desk, we’re passionate about delivering one message: Sitting sucks. Stand up. Live better. Get a Rebel Desk.


RideScout's purpose is to provide ground transportation information so intuitively and efficiently that consumers will experience the same on-demand flexibility and reliability of car ownership and consider leaving their car at home or giving up car ownership completely.  


RightHire was founded in March 2011 by a group of senior hiring managers, recruiters, and scientists. We are based in Reston, VA. RightHire’s pre-hire assessment system measures the characteristics of occupation fit and the environment fit of job applicants that are currently measured using only gut-feel causing 90% of the reasons for poor-fit hires. In addition to offering pre-built off-the-shelf assessments for 900+ types of jobs in all functions and industries, we also offer software to build custom assessments for specific types of jobs in your organization that will help you evaluate job applicants against top-performers working in that type of job in your organization. Our solutions allow you to make far more top-performing hires and far fewer poor-fit hires and offer superior technology compared with existing alternatives in the market.

Rip van Wafels

We make all natural, Amsterdam Wafels with quality ingredients. Place a Rip van Wafel over a cup of coffee. While you wait for your coffee to cool down, the steam will warm the filling and leave a hint of the coffee flavor in the wafel.

Road Warrior

Creating optimized driving routes for small businesses and independent mobile professionals.


Sailthru, the leading provider of personalized marketing communications technology, is driving a major shift in how companies engage with their individual customers and optimize their revenue opportunities. Through the automated analysis of large data sets, Sailthru Smart Data generates and delivers personalized, omnichannel digital brand experiences. Sailthru-powered 1:1 relationships with consumers drive higher revenue and conversion for more than three hundred enterprises including, Thrillist/Jack Threads, Everlane, Huffington Post, and Business Insider.


SavingsSquirrel is a tablet and phone allowance app that helps parents teach their kids about money. Kids learn financial literacy by investing or donating their allowance to social causes. The heart of SavingsSquirrel is connecting kids with other kids to crowdfund projects with charities and social organizations. We do good in the world, one allowance at a time!

SecondSight-University (S2U)

SecondSight-University (S2U) is a web & mobile platform that provides campus safety threat managers the data & analytics they need to identify “at-risk” students and successfully intervene before they harm themselves or others.


Senseware creates a sensory system for your surroundings. A modular plug-and-play wireless sensor-based system that helps you expose the myriad of untapped physical world data to resolve your most persisting issues in areas such as energy, sustainability, health and security, and people comfort and promote better perception of the world around us.


ShoutOut! lets users identify and share their favorite employees of any business in real-time. Our vision is to create a positive atmosphere where people can recommend and reward individual employees. ShoutOut! makes finding the best local services easy.

Simple Entry

Simple Entry LLC is a problem-solving group of experts with over 150 years experience in various fields. The team formed around one particular solution which is revolutionary for parents and families who want to ensure that their child not only gets into college, but once their, thrives. The VIBEffect is an app-like tool that provides teens with an instant, statistically valid read on the specific type of campus where they are likely to flourish in a 4 year undergraduate program. This solution will be an affordable, accessible, fun tool that engages young people in critical thinking and helps empower consumers.


SimpleTix was founded to bring a professional-grade ticketing application to venues that do not have the time or budget to pay for custom e-Ticketing software. SimpleTix provides an easily customizable, personalized ticketing website for venues of all sizes.


SkillSmart is a unique platform that matches an employer's skill requirements, evaluates a job seeker's fitness for a position, identifies education opportunities to improve a job seeker's abilities and increases success for the employer and the job seeker.  

Smart Wedding Registry

Smart Wedding Registry is a website dedicated to kick-starting the lives of newlyweds. By signing up, the bride and groom can easily track their registry items. The online interface makes registering a student loan as easy as registering a set of wine glasses with a traditional registry. is an unbiased and non-partisan political matchmaking site that provides voters with insight on which candidates most closely align with their views on current political issues.  


SNOBSWAP is an online exchange where fashionistas can sell, swap, and shop for pre-loved designer clothing and accessories that make heads turn. Most popular items include coveted designer clothes, handbags, accessories, and shoes. Members can swap designer jeans for that gently loved ñitî bag, or sell those stylish boots that are a bit too snug and use the cash to shop again!

Social Grade

Social Grade sets itself apart from other products in the online behavior monitoring space by not just focusing on notifying parents of negative activities, but also placing an emphasis on establishing conversations between parents and their children.

Social Grindr

Social Grinder handles website and marketing operations for small and medium enterprises. We’re pleased to say that we outsource this work to different places around the world. Social media management and SEO work is going to Kenya, where we train and intentionally employ people from disadvantaged communities.


SocialDeliv is a crowdsourced same-day delivery service for social beverages. SocialDeliv partners directly with retailers and prices same-day delivery the same, or lower, than in store.

Software Theoretic

Coming Soon


Speek is bringing innovation to the teleconferencing market by providing super-simple conference calling solutions with a visual interface. Callers use a personal or business URL link, rather than a phone number and PIN. With nothing to download, Speek offers a free interactive alternative to traditional communication methods.

Spend Consciously

Spend Consciously is at the forefront of the convergence between big data, commerce, politics and technology.    We are building an app and website that will build the 21st century bridge between corporations and consumers.  By simply scanning a bar code, consumers can instantly determine whether what they are buying matches their individual values.

Stories Incorporated

Stories Incorporated helps organizations preserve and scale their culture through the creation of interactive corporate histories. In addition to its usefulness in leveraging culture, an organization's interactive history serves as compelling marketing material and an effective human resources onboarding tool.  

Studio Publishing

Studio Publishing runs the largest Facebook-based content network. Leveraging FB Pages for distribution and scale, we reach over 20mm readers each day through a suite of 50 interest-specific magazines.


STYLECABLE is an online marketplace where shoppers can discover emerging fashion designers, become fans, and directly purchase or pre-order items they love. STYLECABLE supports emerging designers by lowering barriers to enter the market and providing logistics and marketing help, so that designers can focus on doing what they love best _ creating.


Subject7 provides Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud-based test authoring, automation, and parallel execution for web and mobile applications for non-technical testers, business users, subject matter experts, and developers.


SurveySnap is a software company that has a site-survey platform for the architecture, engineering and construction industry (AEC Industry). The product was conceived by 2 professionals that did site-surveys for a living with over 20 years experience in the industry. The team also has backgrounds in entrepreneurship and software development. The platform uses a unique process for doing site-survey that enables users to save time, increase efficiency and win more business during the site-survey process.  

Talent Insight

TalentMatch is a recruiting community for job seekers and employers. By offering a comprehensive and interactive platform _ including detailed resume profiles that include videos and more _ TalentMatch gives job seekers a more engaging program to present themselves and employers a more dynamic method for screening potential candidates.

Teranga Solutions

Enter description here.Imagine...You just got off the plane after a long flight to a foreign land and following long lines at immigration, you’re exhausted. Despite this, you must find your driver who will take you to the hotel where you will wait some more to check-in. Once finally in the room, you must figure out how to turn on the lights, adjust climate controls and find your favorite TV channels. Instead of wasting valuable time, what if you could check-in, order a meal, set your room environment preferences, and schedule your wake-up call in a few clicks as soon as you land? At the hotel, wouldn’t you enjoy direct, one-touch access to room service, front desk requests, a virtual city guide, and weather and local news and information, all in your native language? How about a personal guide through the hotel’s restaurants, spa, fitness and conference facilities? Now leave your imagination behind and experience Teranga … We turn a simple hotel stay or a diner at a restaurant into an unprecedented experience leveraging on the convergence of mobile technologies and cloud computing.

The Constituent

The Constituent provides citizens the tools to connect with their governments and to be better represented by them.

The Morning Consult

The Morning Consult is a digital media company covering the intersection of Washington and business strategy. The Morning Consult serves industry executives, government officials, and policy advisers through morning email briefings, polling products, and national events.

The Poshpacker

The Poshpacker represents and markets a curated selection of design-driven hotels and hostels around the world for $100 per night.

The Wireless Registry

The Wireless Registry has built a global, patented infrastructure for wireless names and identifiers, creating a new world of proximal awareness and content. It gives individuals and businesses the power to take control of their wireless identity and engage with their surroundings in ways never before possible, enabling thousands of new proximal services.


We empower everyone to trade knowledge. To start, we're building a demand driven knowledge marketplace: users can request what, how, where, and when they want to learn.


TOOMZA Inc., has developed a novel, free-to-use, reward-based platform for children under the age of 13. TOOMZA is an “on-line playground” that guarantees parents a safe and responsible environment for children to be rewarded for achieving goals in their favorite on-line educational entertainment (edutainment) games. Every time a child achieves an in-game goal they earn points, and those points can be used to redeem real, child- appropriate rewards through TOOMZA-approved merchants.

Transit Labs

Transit Labs is a team of technology experts dedicated to improving data collection, analysis, modeling and projections for application across the transit industry. We have developed a robust web and mobile software platform that provides an innovative one-stop solution for transit data management. Our tools enable you to report NTD data to the FTA in the most accurate and cost-effective way.


TransitScreen is the pioneer in providing live, real-time displays of all the transportation options at a location. TransitScreen makes transit information more accessible, viewable and engaging so that commuters, visitors, residents and employees can make informed transit decisions. TransitScreen serves governments, institutions & employers, property managers & builders, small businesses, and transit agencies, providing a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) solution.


TrendPo is a political analytics dashboard that provides daily measurement and ranking of politicians through the use of metrics, momentum and magnitude via social media and local and national news sources. Each day, TrendPo ranks 4,000 politicians, 500 organizations, and the top 100 issues in terms of news and social relevancy.


triviaBids creates a pure engagement, an opportunity for advertisers to tap into a user-initiated experience that blends all 3 major forms of engagement to complete a perfect storm brand connection. Through cognitive, physical, and emotional attributes we give viewers a reason and a way to interact with branded video content.


TypingClub is a new web based, highly effective method for teaching touch typing for schools. Used by over 3,000 schools and districts and rapidly growing, it offers a customizable, web-based service with easy setup, fast load, teacher, school and district view and many more options that provides real results.

UP Global

UP Global is a global partnership that connects entrepreneurs with their communities and their resources they need most.

Urban Bingo

Urban Bingo provides businesses, brands and event organizers with an interactive mobile application platform to engage customers through a gamified photo-based bingo board.  Urban Bingo is the ideal application to showcase and incentivize attendee participation for a variety of industries such as conferences and trade shows, sporting events, and festivals.

Venture Board

Venture Board is a platform that allows student entrepreneurs to build their startups. Its powerful filtering system allows users to find potential co-founders and early employees. Venture Board also allows users to delegate responsibility amongst their teams and keep their thoughts and ideas organized on a collaborative canvas. Finally, Venture Board connects users to online services and mentors.


Verifeed makes sense of the world's social conversations to provide enterprises with useful and trusted social intelligence. Verifeed filters and verifies social streams in real-time to provide our partners with relevant and reliable insights so they can make better business decisions, publish contextual custom content, and identify and engage customers, sources and ambassadors.

Vibe Check

Vibe Check is a mobile app for the nightlife industry that provides real time occupancy data and an advertising platform for bars to offer specials tied to occupancy levels. Find out where the crowds are and where the deals are so you can spend less time looking for the perfect spot and more time enjoying the night.


VinoLovers is a new online wine subscription experience that matches wine lovers with the perfect wine pairing based on their individualized preferences. No more aimlessly selecting wines. Vinolovers brings boutique wines to your doorsteps through a buying experience that is educational, personalized, and convenient.


Wealthminder is about making goal based investing simple. We're like a GPS for your investments. Mission At Wealthminder, we are all very passionate about the problem we are solving. Studies show 80% of Americans are not on-track to meet their long-term financial goals. We find that notion unacceptable. The financial services industry has been stagnant for far too long, catering mostly to the very well off and employing business models that serve to enrich the industry at the expense of the customer. Description Through the use of intelligent financial planning tools, personalized investment recommendations and 24x7 monitoring of your portfolio, we enable regular investors to employ sophisticated wealth management techniques previously available only to the very well-off.

WebNet Hosting

We are building a DVD Streaming Platform allowing publishers to easily upload physical DVDs and allow them to be sold on the web via streaming and downloadable products available on any device.


WegoWise offers a low-cost and easy to use online tool that gives expert utility analysis to non-experts, helping them save time, energy and money. Energy users can easily track changes in energy and water use to see what works, what doesnÍt and how much youÍre saving.


WeSparkt is an online platform to connect impact investors with social impact startups. By targeting socially-conscious individuals who want to align their investments with their beliefs, the platform connects accredited investors with startup investing opportunities in the cleantech, health, education, and sustainability sectors.

Wish Genie

Wish Genie's purpose is to give the consumer an alternative shopping experience when registering for gifts. Wish Genie focuses on local experiences and activities, over the traditional big box stores.


Yopine - literally "My Opinion" (using a little Spanglish) - is a fun way to connect with close friends, wider groups and the world to decide, "What do we think? What do we like? What do we want to do?" Ask any question then call a poll to make a decision or call a brainstorm to gather ideas. Yopine allows you to collect opinions as well as make yours known.


YOPP is a shopping social network that helps shoppers find what they’re looking for, wherever they are, with help from other shoppers and local businesses.


YouFolio is the best way to track, collect, and showcase a lifetime of learning and achievement; your productive social network. As your online portfolio, YouFolio allows you to upload all file types and aggregate your online presence to give the world the real representation of yourself. YouFolio's support system helps you reach your goals, acts as a stage between job applicants and employers, inspires you through meaningful content and information, and opens new doors for global collaboration and matchmaking.  

Young and Successful Media

YSN is changing the definition of work. We connect, empower and educate the next generation global workforce. We arm the 1 billion young people building their careers with the tools, resources and inspiration to realize their full potential.


Big data SAAS product for financial market analysis. We collect novel and relevant finance-oriented datasets from wikipedia, facebook, linkedin, twitter, job postings, news, search, and others, add value through natural language processing and machine learning, and allow users to explore the data to better understand their investments from new angles.


Zoobean is a childrenÍs book discovery platform and highly personalized subscription service that delights kids with books curated just for them. Zoobean offers a subscription and gifting service along with direct sales of books in its Shop. Books on Zoobean are catalogued by recommended age, relevant topics, charactersÍ background, and other tags to meet each familyÍs particular interests.


Zoomph™ is an Influencer Engagement Platform that collects and ranks influential content in real-time from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Zoomph’s proprietary influencer ranking system ZPoints™ is designed to maximize your social media reach, depth, and engagement through its three core modules: Curation, Visualizations, and Analytics. These modules offer you insightful and engaging ways to create social hubs, real-time polls, and customizable social visualizations for websites, mobile devices, and other second screens.

Alumni Members


Endgame delivers the only integrated Cyber Operations Platform that meets the needs of the military and user’s  SOC. Realtime, scalable solutions that turn billions of data points into tactical actions in seconds, mine offline data for risk mitigation and enforcement, and reduce analyst missions from weeks to minutes.

Social Tables

Social Tables is a cloud-based hospitality platform that makes organizing events easier at every step of the planning life cycle. From floor plan layouts to attendee check-in, users experience intuitive, beautiful design and industry professionals get practical technology to manage their events and connect with their target audience.