1776 presents Reboot: Education

20 of the boldest innovators in education from across America responding to the following challenge:

“What is your hypothesis about how and why the education industry will change? And what are you doing about it?”

The event is sold out, but we are excited to partner with Watchitoo to bring a live broadcast to you. Tune in starting at 7:30 PM to be part of a revolution in the most talked about sector in our country, featuring Innovator Talks from:

  • Blackboard – Katie Blot, President, Education Services
  • QuadWrangle – Nick Zeckets, Founder and CEO
  • TechStars – Don Burton, Managing Director, Education Technology Sector
  • Mytonomy – Vinay Bhargava, Founder and CEO
  • Udacity – Sebastian Thrun, CoFounder and CEO
  • Naaya – Amir Hudda, Founder and CEO
  • Pearson – Jeff Borden, VP of Instruction & Academic Strategy
  • More Than Money Careers – Mrim Boutla, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
  • VentureBoard – Scott Block, Cofounder
  • BrightBot – Azin Mehrnoosh, Founder and CEO
  • VisitDays – Sujoy Roy, Founder and CEO
  • CollegeSnapps – Don Fraser, Founder and President
  • Flat World Knowledge – Christopher Etesse, CEO
  • Coursera – Andrew Ng, CoFounder and CoCEO
  • Echo360 – Fred Singer, CEO
  • Watchitoo – Rony Zarom, Founder and CEO
  • General Assembly – Jake Schwartz, Founder and CEO
  • 2U – Harrison Kratz, Business Development Manager
  • US Dept of Education – Richard Culatta, Acting Director, Office of Educational Technology
  • Saylor Foundation – Jennifer Shoop, Interim Director
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