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President Obama Visits 1776 to Kick Off Fourth of July Weekend

President Barack Obama started off his Fourth of July weekend with a trip to 1776, greeting entrepreneurs and making remarks about the newly released jobs report.

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Urban Farming Startup Uses Hydroponics to Grow Produce Locally, Anywhere

October 24, 2014
Hydroponics may be synonymous with marijuana. But the technology of growing plants without soil can be used for a far wider selection of crops. That’s the idea behind Local Roots Farms,…

What We’re Reading: Tech for Limited Water Supplies – Video Games Helping Mental Health + More

October 24, 2014
Your daily window into the news that’s powering our thoughts at 1776. Catch up on some of the best links from around the web!

How to Shake Up the Education Status Quo

October 24, 2014
Taking a page from tech startups is a surefire way to innovate in the education space.

What We Read: Week of October 20 to 24

October 24, 2014
Your window into the news that powered our thoughts at 1776 this week. Catch up on some of the best links from around the web!   Education | Energy | Health | Cities   Education BYOD,…

Entrepreneurs and the Opportunity Cost of a Broken Congress

October 24, 2014
n a connected world, Congress could be serving as a vital forum to work through multiple complex societal issues.

What We’re Reading: Uber Flu Shots – Net Neutrality History + More

October 23, 2014
Your daily window into the news that’s powering our thoughts at 1776. Catch up on some of the best links from around the web!


DC Microfinance Meetup: Healthcare and Insurance Needs in Developing World

Join a community of like-minded people for an after work happy hour to discuss current and future trends in microfinance, social impact, and economic development!  Microinsurance has a great potential to help financially vulnerable people in developing world overcome unexpected life events, like loss of crop, illness etc. and not slide into poverty. But why is it "micro"? How is it different from insurance in the US? What are the main obstacles to providing insurance for the poor? Our next speaker, the microinsurance expert Jeanna Holtz, will answer these and other questions during the fireside chat on October 27th.   RSVP here

A Fireside Chat with Jeremy Stoppelman, Founder & CEO of Yelp

1776 invites you to a fireside chat with Yelp Cofounder & CEO Jeremy Stoppelman. Jeremy will talk about his journey as an entrepreneur, the story behind Yelp, and building a business all the way through IPO, as well as the challenges, successes and lessons learned along the way with 1776 Cofounder Evan Burfield. Networking, beverages and fall food favorites will be provided! This is an event you won't want to miss! Want an invite? Sign up for 1776's newsletter in order to receive the invitation via email.

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CoFoundersLab Matchup

Did you know that founding teams with multiple co-founders have a greater chance of success? If you’re looking for someone to join your venture, looking for a venture to join, or open to either, sign up and attend our local, in-person Meetups to discover the perfect co-founder to round out your team. You’ll meet other entrepreneurs who are as energized as you are about launching a new business and who possess a wide range of unique experiences, ideas, and skills. Join CoFoundersLab for its DC Matchup!
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