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Breaking Down the Data: A Look at the Future of Privacy in Regulated Industries

It’s Monday morning, and you reach for your smartphone. Before ever leaving bed, you’ve posted a location-based tweet, logged your sleep via your wearable wristband and checked your bank statement. You’re not even at work yet. Do you know where your data is? Maybe not where you think. So how should privacy-minded consumers and entrepreneurs proceed? What data are companies collecting? What are best practices for areas in which there is no regulation yet? It's time to explore the future of data privacy in four industries.

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What We Read: Week of November 17 to 21

November 21, 2014
Your window into the news that powered our thoughts at 1776 this week. Catch up on some of the best links from around the web!

Q & A: How Opower’s “Privacy By Design” Principles Set It Apart from Competitors

November 21, 2014
We chatted with Opower's Information Security Team to get the inside scoop on the company's "privacy-by-design" approach has helped it win customers' trust.

What We’re Reading: Healthcare Net Neutrality – Water to Fuel + More

November 20, 2014
Your daily window into the news that’s powering our thoughts at 1776. Catch up on some of the best links from around the web! Education: The Chronicle of Higher Education reports…

Weekly Trend: What a Republican Takeover Means for Renewable Energy

November 20, 2014
With the recent takeover by Republicans in both the Senate and the House, concern is rising over whether Republicans will make clean energy a priority.

What We’re Reading: Cleantech Myths – Smart Home Dreams + More

November 19, 2014
Your daily window into the news that’s powering our thoughts at 1776. Catch up on some of the best links from around the web! Education: EdSurge reports on the White House’s…

Stronger Locks and Taller Fences Won’t Stop Cybercrime

November 19, 2014
Recent reports on hacking groups and their activities have shed light on the gravity of the cyberespionage threat facing U.S. military and commercial interests.


General Assembly: Print to Web Design Brunch

This could be the most interesting brunch of the year.  If you're a creative looking to break into the design for web, it might seem like an overwhelming transition. You're likely trying to understand what technical skills you need to have, and how your current knowledge translates to the web. The good news is, if you have a good eye and understand the basics of marketing and the fundamentals of design, you're well on your way. Melanie and Juana will talk through how they made this transition, and how their background in print makes them stronger as designers in the digital space today. The breakdown: $10 covers all of the amazing knowledge that will be dropped upon you by Melanie and Juana. $10 takes care of your omelette, mimosas and everything else.

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General Assembly: Python for Data Science

Python is a versatile and widely-used programming language with many applications. This workshop explores Python's place in the scientific ecosystem, and how the language, with several readily-available open-source libraries, can serve as a powerful tool for data analysis. Designed as a stand-alone introduction to the data science aspects of Python, this class is also a recommended preparatory workshop for students planning to enroll in General Assembly's Data Science course.

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Startup Grind with Peter Barris, NEA

Peter Barris is the Managing General Partner of New Enterprise Associates (NEA), one of the biggest VC funds in the world.  NEA's assets under management have grown from $1B to over $13B and the firm has expanded its operations to India and China. Join Startup Grind for another great interview at 1776!
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