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President Obama Visits 1776 to Kick Off Fourth of July Weekend

President Barack Obama started off his Fourth of July weekend with a trip to 1776, greeting entrepreneurs and making remarks about the newly released jobs report.

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What We’re Reading: Teacher Evaluation – FCC and Broadband Wireless Rules + More

September 16, 2014
Your daily window into the news that’s powering our thoughts at 1776. Catch up on some of the best links from around the web! Education: We know that teacher’s shouldn’t always…

Weekly Trend: Can Startups Help Feed the World?

September 16, 2014
For city dwellers, growing your own food can be an extravagance: come late spring, we all queue up at our neighborhood hardware store and invest in seeds, pony packs, pots…

What We’re Reading: Edtech History – Predicting Earthquakes + More

September 15, 2014
Your daily window into the news that’s powering our thoughts at 1776. Catch up on some of the best links from around the web! Education: Understanding our past is critical to…

How Technology Can Support the President’s College Opportunity Agenda

September 15, 2014
The Soviet Union’s launch of Sputnik in 1957 jolted the United States and triggered the Space Race that saw two world powers jockeying for Cold War dominance and military supremacy.…

Weekly Trend: Playing Games with Higher Education

September 15, 2014
The process of gamification—applying game design to other activities in an effort to engage participants—has long been applied to young students. As gaming through computers, mobile and consoles expand into…

What We’re Reading: Q2′s Health Spending Increase – Canada Beats U.S. at Drones + More

September 12, 2014
Your daily window into the news that’s powering our thoughts at 1776. Catch up on some of the best links from around the web! Education: TED gives us eight ideas for improving…


General Assembly: Intro to the DC Data Science Community

If you’re a recent graduate, new to the city, or looking to make a transition in your career, this free event will help you get acquainted with the dynamic world of Data Science in the nation's capital. We'll cover key events, companies, people, current issues, and career paths in the industry. Come meet others getting started in the local Data Science community.

General Assembly: Mobile Development for Non-Programmers

It's a great time to learn about mobile apps development, even if you have no programming experience at all. Join in for this introductory class to learn how to start developing iOS (iPhone/iPad) apps. This class won't teach you how to program, but it will tell you how to teach yourself to code as well as setting up a developer account with Apple, which resources and tools to take advantage of in your development career, how to distribute your app to friends, family, & the App Store, and much more. This class is perfect for someone looking to learn about mobile development and how to get started in one of the fastest growing industries in tech. Basically all the stuff you won't find in a book.  

General Assembly: Back-End and Web Development Immersive Student Showcase

Interested in either our part or full-time development courses? Come check out the portfolios of graduates from our Web Development Immersive as well as our Back-End Web Development part-time course. You can chat with them about their work, explore their portfolios, and ask questions about their transition into the field.
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